About Ruben Photos

Genuinely passionate

Still images are the moments we embrace a lifetime. Inspired to see
the world in a new light, I am always thrilled with how images turn out.
Many times we do not see the true details of a single picture, just how
shy the RAW files are! The fascinating color spectrum has probably infinite
artistic impressions, and that is when all the fun starts!

My work is a playful blend of nature and joy, uncompromisingly
simple yet organically vintage.

Having over 5 Years covering photography events all over Singapore,
I am committed to producing the highest quality photos. I want my photos
to be creative yet practical, all while being aligned with the growing
industrial demands.

I cover most types of actual day events, from corporate to wedding events.
Pre-Wedding and custom requests are welcomed!

My photos will be bringing you that spark of joy, and when you look at your
photos in years to come, you shall remember that magical moment!